How long do Acupuncture treatments take?

The initial treatment often takes approximately one hour, as we will discuss your health history and health concerns in detail. There is a detailed Health History Questionnaire that you must fill out (see “Forms” or click on the "Download Forms" icon at the top right corner of the web page) prior to your first visit. You may also arrive 20 minutes prior to your initial visit and fill out the forms at the office, although we encourage you to fill them out before hand to save some time at the office.

Please allot 45 minutes for subsequent treatment sessions. If during a follow up treatment, a Classical True Acupuncture practitioner feels that you do not need to be needled at that time, your evaluation may take no more than 20 minutes. Please read FAQ: “” to understand the philosophy behind this type of treatment process.

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"I wanted to thank you for helping to make me feel better than I have felt physically for the past two years. You are a delightful person who truly enjoys her given profession.
I know that I cannot undo the structural damage, only a "miracle" can do that, but you have helped to eliminate and minimize my pain ... for this I am very grateful. I am sure that you were put in my path for a reason.
Acupuncture is truly worth my time and money. Thanks, again!"
~ Debbie - Centennial, CO
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