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Welcome to the Aurora Acupuncture N Herbs page for & Chinese Herbal Medicine. The clinic is located in the South Denver Metro area and is less than 20 minutes West of Aurora, Colorado. For those of you coming from the area or it's neighboring city of Foxfield, CO, you will find it an easy drive and well worth it to experience a different way of practicing acupuncture and herbs, and how it can benefit you!

Directions from Aurora to the acupuncture clinic

1: Start out going SOUTHEAST on N VAUGHN ST toward VICTOR ST. 0.2 mi
2: Turn RIGHT onto ZION ST. 0.1 mi
3: ZION ST becomes E 7TH AVE. 0.0 mi
4: Turn LEFT onto N VAUGHN ST. 0.0 mi
5: Turn LEFT onto E 6TH AVE/CO-30. 0.2 mi
6: Merge onto I-225 S. 8.7 mi
7: Merge onto I-25 S/US-87 S via EXIT 1A on the LEFT toward COLO SPRINGS. 4.0 mi
8: Take the DRY CREEK ROAD exit, EXIT 196. 0.2 mi
9: Keep RIGHT at the fork to go on E DRY CREEK RD. 1.5 mi
10: Turn LEFT at S QUEBEC.
11: Make an immediate RIGHT into the Dry Creek Office Village parking lot.
12: End at 7200 E Dry Creek Rd Suite B-105 Centennial, CO 80112-2537
Total Estimated Time: 19 minutes. Total Estimated Distance: 14.86 miles.

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Please give us a call (720-324-7171) or come in for your free initial consultation to find out how your condition can be helped with Classical True Acupuncture & Chinese Herbal Medicine.

Chinese herb pot with herbsClinic address and contact information:
Located in the Dry Creek Office Village
(SW corner of Dry Creek Rd & Quebec)
7200 E. Dry Creek Rd, Suite B-105
Centennial, Colorado 80112
(720) 324-7171



Providing the following services to Aurora:

Philosophy on Alternative Medicine

Our philosophy is to treat you as the unique individual you are, without the use of memorized point scripts and herbal formulas. We all respond to each and every stimulus differently, so our detailed methods ensure that each needle used is exactly what your body needs and each Chinese herbal formula matches your exact disharmonies. This avoids the "pin cushion" effect and shotgun approach since only a few needles are used and your formula is customized for you at the time of treatment!

Styles of Acupuncture

All acupuncture styles are not created equal. So if you've had a bad experience in the past, don't give up on acupuncture or herbs just yet! If you've never tried acupuncture, but have been intrigued, keep reading to see what True Acupuncture can treat and what we can do for you.

Be Informed

Please explore our website to learn more about how our style of acupuncture and herbs can help you. A good place to begin your journey on this website is the page. We encourage you to read and research before choosing an acupuncturist to help maintain your health or to address specific health needs. So go ahead, look around and read more about how acupuncture works, the Classical True Acupuncture style, how and when we may use Chinese herbs, and what to expect in your treatments with our Board Certified and Licensed Acupuncturists. Making the right choices to take care of your health naturally is a great start!


Please give us a call (720-324-7171) or come in for your free initial consultation to find out how your condition can be helped with Classical True Acupuncture & Chinese Herbal Medicine.


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"I wanted to thank you for helping to make me feel better than I have felt physically for the past two years. You are a delightful person who truly enjoys her given profession.
I know that I cannot undo the structural damage, only a "miracle" can do that, but you have helped to eliminate and minimize my pain ... for this I am very grateful. I am sure that you were put in my path for a reason.
Acupuncture is truly worth my time and money. Thanks, again!"
~ Debbie - Centennial, CO
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